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21 May 2014


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Wait wait wait have you read William Sleator before? Or is this the first you've heard of him? I've never read Fingers but on the whole, Sleator is awesome. He writes these creepy/horrifying/SF middle-grade tales. Interstellar Pig is his most famous title. The Green Futures of Tycho might be my favorite. We kind of collect him.


Oh, I'm familiar with him -- or, well, with The Boxes and Interstellar Pig -- but THIS one is new to me. I think I'm totally going to have to read it this weekend, because it sounds bananas.


First, I feel old when people aren't sure who William Sleator is (was), even though he was already receding into the past when I first read him. He's being forgotten as time goes on.

Second, I just read an excellent contender for your piano list: Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith, which came out last year. Kiri spends evenings practicing for the upcoming Battle of the Bands with her friend/potential love interest Luke, but she also spends a good five hours a day on her classical repertoire because there's an important piano showcase coming up. She gets a phone call from someone saying he still has her sister's stuff - her sister who died five years ago - and the story takes off from there. Lots of great stuff about love, loss, art, and mental health.

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